Erus Builders LLC serves our clients as a single organization that combines the know how of a world class builder, recognized expertise in energy efficiency, and a perfect ROC record (ROC # 210079). We provide leading edge solutions and technologies that have helped over 3,000 satisfied clients save money and protect themselves from increasing utility bills.

Our goal is simple. To serve our clients by helping them save money! We accomplish these goals by first understanding our clients objectives, then doing a thorough home energy diagnosis, and finally delivering an energy savings reduction solutionthat is customized to your home and needs. We help our clients bring clean, inexpensive energy by first reducing their energy consumption through efficiency then if appropriate, producing their own using clean solar energy. Our reputation has earned us preferred partner status with Going Green Solar ( who is one of the fastest growing companies in the green energy space.

Our wide variety of energy efficient solutions include Aeroseal, Radiant Barrier, Insulation, and more. We also design and install turnkey solar electric, solar hot water heating systems, and a variety of other energy efficient measures.

Our multiple financial offerings give many homeowners the opportunity to start saving money today, with zero out of pocket costs! Call (602) 507-6525 for a free no cost consultation and learn how you may be eligible for low or no cost solution that saves you money!